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Bun Pan Racks from Channel Manufacturing

Bun pan racks are one of the most essential pieces of equipment in commercial kitchen operations. Known also as sheet pan racks, speed racks, or bakery racks, the bun pan rack serves a variety of uses for food services businesses, restaurants, bakeries, cafeterias, hotels, stadiums, correctional applications and more.

The bun pan rack is used to easily store and efficiently transport bun pans, which are commonly utilized flat trays that help commercial food kitchens with products like pastries, breads and other common food preparation.

Understanding the different types of bun pan racks available for use in the commercial kitchen space can help kitchen operators get a better grasp on why they may need a bun pan rack, as well as which bun pan rack may be best suited to their kitchen objectives.

Types of Bun Pan Racks available at Channel Manufacturing

The bun pan racks that we manufacture for commercial kitchen equipment here at Channel Manufacturing are designed in a completely custom fashion for kitchen and food service operators to maximize their efficiency.

Our bun pan racks come in a variety of design styles that are custom-built to target the unique needs of your foodservice applications.

Some of the bun pan rack types that we manufacture include:

Stationary Bun Pan Racks: Stationary bun pan racks are designed to be used in one location of your kitchen, usually for staging and preparation purposes. These racks stay in place and are built into your kitchen’s overall usage to provide efficient storage for a variety of different capabilities.

Mobile Bun Pan Racks: Similar to our stationary racks, mobile bun pan racks provide effective storage and preparation capabilities for commercial kitchens while providing a mobile solution for racks that need the ability to move within your kitchen’s setup. Our mobile racks are designed with casters that allow for smooth and easy transport within your commercial kitchen, perfect for businesses.

Half & Full Sized Racks: Commercial Kitchens require different setups depending on your industry and usage objectives. At Channel Manufacturing, we manufacture both half and full-size bun pan racks that cater to your unique commercial kitchen requirements.

Semi-enclosed & Enclosed Racks: Sometimes you need a bit of protection for your baked goods in a commercial kitchen. That’s where enclosed or semi-enclosed bun pan racks are a great solution. Enclosed racks easily and simply provide protection from potential transport, climate and locational issues that can occasionally affect kitchen operators.

Heavy-Duty Racks: Does your commercial kitchen require a heavy-duty solution for its rack needs? At Channel Manufacturing, we design and create heavy-duty bun pan rack options that are corrections-level tough and built for a lifetime of rough usage in high-demand and high-abuse kitchen environments.

Side loading & End loading Racks: Different kitchens require different setups for their bun pan racks. That’s why at Channel Manufacturing, we offer both side and end-loading bun pan racks for our foodservice customers. As the name implies, side-loading pan racks allow for easy loading of bun pans from the side, while end-loading bun pan racks allow for the easy end-loading of racks. The best choice for your commercial kitchen will depend on your unique setup and objectives.

Bun Pan Rack Manufacturing Materials

Here at Channel Manufacturing, we offer bun pan racks in two styles of material construction. The options we offer include aluminum and stainless steel construction, with aluminum being our normal or default construction material. We offer stainless steel variants in a lesser number of bun pan models, so be sure to check our product spec sheets for additional information.

With respect to our currently offered construction materials, please note the following:

Aluminum Construction: Resistant to rust, with a high tensile strength and lightweight, aluminum is our most popular bun pan rack material.

Stainless Steel Construction: Built for heavier-duty applications, stainless steel provides a higher level of durability, as well as an ideal solution and potential requirement for institutional applications. Stainless steel is also more expensive than aluminum construction materials.

Bun Pan Rack Construction Features

At Channel Manufacturing we build custom bun pan racks that come with a number of available and optional features to help maximize your kitchen efficiency.

Some of the features of our bun pan racks include:

Varying Capacities: We offer a variety of sizes and types of bun pan racks that cater directly to the ever-changing needs of your foodservice business.

Spacing: Different applications require different spacing between bun pan to accommodate food service goods of different sizes and types. Our racks are available in numerous sizes and spacing setups with some models offering adjustable spacing setups.

Casters: For mobile racks, we offer high-performance and durable casters. Available in locking or non-locking setups, our casters provide stability for your foodservice items when on the go.

Bun Pan Rack Uses

The bun pan rack provides a number of functions for commercial kitchens. Outside of just holding bun pans, bun pan racks serve the following purposes:

Cooling: Bun pan racks can assist bakeries and other kitchens with a reliable place to help cool baked goods. The racks themselves encourage efficient air circulation which can help to provide a more even and quick cooling process.

Proofing: In the world of baked goods, having a location to proof your dough can be essential. Our bun pan racks can be used with proofing covers to help provide an ideal location to help proof and rise bread and other doughs.

Storage: While obvious, the main feature of bun pan racks is the ability to provide comprehensive storage space for commercial kitchens. Our racks make it easy to maximize vertical storage space simply and easily.

Bun Pan Rack Maintenance

Keeping your bun pan racks regularly maintained can help to extend their lifetime in busy food service environments. Some of the best ways to stay on top of your regular rack maintenance include:

  • Regularly cleaning the racks to help cut down on food waste, grease and other food particles becoming present in your racks.
  • Tighten any loose screws or bolts in models that come with them to ensure that the racks are strong and will not let you down in times of high kitchen demand.
  • Clean and maintain casters to make sure that the wheels work effectively for long-term smooth movement of mobile racks in your workplace.

Most popular Bun Pan Rack Models

At Channel Manufacturing we offer a number of great solutions for your bun pan racks.

Some of our most popular models include:

Standard Heavy-Duty Series Bun Pan Racks: The Standard Heavy-Duty Series Bun Pan racks are Channel’s “go-to” bun pan rack for the everyday restaurateur, food and beverage director, kitchen and cafeteria manager, etc.

Channel Slides: Our channel slide bun pan racks are multi-purpose racks designed for holding and storing 18″ x 26″ pans. Designed for both cooler and freezer applications.

Enclosed Racks: Our enclosed bun pan racks are cabinets that feature lip load pan slides and a side door latch that allows the door to open 270 degrees for easy access.

Extra Heavy Duty: This Lifetime Tough heavy-duty sheet pan rack is built to last with extra heavy-duty parts. The perfect bun pan rack for your heavy duty foodservice applications.

Economy All-Welded Series: Economy All-Welded bun pan racks are available in aluminum and can accommodate 18″ x 26″ pans.

Knockdown Racks: Our knockdown bun pan racks are mobile multi-purpose racks for holding, storing and transporting both plastic and aluminum. 18″ X 26″ Bun Pans.

Nesting Racks: Our nesting bun pan racks are mobile multi-purpose racks designed for holding, storing and transporting both plastic and aluminum 18″ X 26″ Bun Pans, 18″ X 13″ Pans. Additionally, nesting racks are ideal for efficiently saving space while not is use by “nesting” them together, saving in upwards of 35% storage space.

Conclusions on Bun Pan Racks

We hope that this overview of bun pan racks helps you with a better understanding of these important racks for foodservice professionals.

Bun pan racks are one of the most versatile and popular types of racks in a foodservice environment.

Choosing the racks that are best fit for your unique objectives can help to make your commercial food service kitchen run more efficiently and smoothly no matter what industry you operate in.

If you have any questions about bun pan racks, our team here at Channel Manufacturing is standing by to assist you with quality, standard sized or customized food service products that are built to help address the unique objectives of your kitchen.


At Channel Manufacturing, we manufacture the highest quality aluminum and stainless-steel food and material handling equipment, right here in our United States of America based factories. Our products are made to order, so we can build to your custom specifications with little to no additional lead time.


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At Channel Manufacturing we design standard size or customized foodservice equipment solutions for industries of all shapes and sizes. Have a look around our site and learn how we can help find the most appropriate solution for your unique application, or niche-driven goals.


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