Industries we serve

Standard Sized or Customized Foodservice Equipment built for the unique objectives of your business

Channel Manufacturing Foodservice and Material Handling Equipment products are made to order, so we can build to your custom specifications with little to no additional lead time.

Explore some of the industries we serve and contact us today to speak to a representative about how best Channel Manufacturing can best help your business’ unique foodservice goals.

Restaurants, Chains & Casual Dining

Channel Manufacturing produces a full line of standard sized or customized food and material handling equipment products for use in restaurant chains, fast casual and casual dining establishments.

Hospitals, Healthcare & Assisted Living Facilities

Channel Manufacturing provides Hospitals, Healthcare Establishments & Assisted Living Facilities with quality food handling equipment. Explore our products specifically created for the Healthcare industry.

Hotels, Resorts & Country Clubs

Channel Manufacturing produces the highest quality foodservice equipment for use in Hotels, Resorts & Country Clubs. Our line of durable equipment is the perfect solution for the demands of hotel foodservice projects of any scope.

Stadiums & Casinos

Channel Manufacturing creates customized solutions for foodservice objectives within large operations like Stadiums & Casinos. Built to your standard sizes or custom fit to your unique large-scale foodservice objectives.

Convention Centers & Commissaries

Need to power the kitchen needs of Convention Centers or Commissaries? Channel Manufacturing creates commercial kitchen equipment that is built to last across a wide variety of applications.

Correctional Facilities

Channel Manufacturing produces the highest quality foodservice equipment for use in Correctional Facilities. Our line of Lifetime Tough equipment is the perfect solution for dependable, durable equipment to exceed the demands of correctional facility project needs of any scope.

Supermarkets & “C” Stores

We produce top of the line food equipment for Supermarkets, Grocery Stores and “C” Stores. Have a look at our full line of supermarket food equipment.

Schools, Colleges & Universities

Channel Manufacturing produces the highest quality foodservice equipment for use in Schools, Colleges & Universities. Our durable equipment is the perfect solution for your academic institution’s foodservice requirements.

Corporate Dining & Cafeterias

Looking for equipment for your corporate dining spaces? Channel Manufacturing offers quality products to fit the unique demands of corporate dining operations.


Our equipment helps bakeries of all shapes and sizes with the unique needs of running a busy bakery production. Explore all of our specialized baking products.


Need standard-sized or customized Pizza Equipment? Channel Manufacturing produces quality food handling equipment designed for the busiest pizzerias.

Food Processing

We provide the food processing industry with quality food processing equipment for projects of any size or scale. Explore our food processing equipment.


Looking for commercial or industrial material handling solutions for your manufacturing applications? Channel Manufacturing provides flexible solutions to fit your objectives.

An image of a fabricator creating foodservice equipment at Channel Manufacturing.

Our Mission

We’re Channel Manufacturing.
The foundation of our mission,
anchored by exceptional customer service,
is to be your uncontested go-to resource
for food storage and material handling solutions
across a diverse array of traditional
and non-traditional applications.

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