Oven Racks

Aluminum or Stainless Construction

Channel oven racks are equipped with 4″ phenolic extra high temperature wheels. 475°F continuous use, 575°F intermittent use, and down to -45°F for blast chillers. Fully assembled and ready for use.

  • Aluminum: Heavy duty, high tensile extruded aluminum, Type 6063-T5 alloy. Lifetime guarantee against rust.
  • Stainless: 18 Gauge, 304 Series stainless steel.
  • 4″ diameter full swivel design. Non marking phenolic wheel.

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400A-OR, 401A-OR, 402A-OR, 403A-OR, 404A-OR, 400S-OR, 401S-OR, 402S-OR, 403S-OR, 404S-OR, 410A-OR, 411A-OR, 412A-OR, 413A-OR, 414A-OR, 410S-OR, 411S-OR, 412S-OR, 413S-OR, 414S-OR, 410A-DOR, 411A-DOR, 412A-DOR, 413A-DOR, 414A-DOR, 410S-DOR, 411S-DOR, 412S-DOR, 413S-DOR, 414S-DOR