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Our wide assortment of accessories allow you to customize your Channel products, order replacement parts, covers or additional platters or lugs.

Can Storage

Racks for cans, including our new first-in/first-out can rack. Our can storage racks provide great shelving options. Learn more about can storage racks.

Donut Racks

Specialized racks for the display and transport of donuts.

Dunnage Racks

A dunnage rack is a freestanding single shelf that sits low to the ground and is designed to keep supplies, especially food-based items, off the ground. Dunnage racks are used for storing sugar, flour, canned food products, and other bulk products. These racks help prolong product life by circulating air underneath and are important in meeting public health requirements. We offer various types of dunnage racks for floor storage in industrial, commercial and educational cafeterias as well as restaurants, bars, stores, bakeries, bagel shops and more.

Lug & Platter Racks

Racks for holding storing and transporting a variety of trays, pans, dough boxes, tote boxes and lugs as well as Channel polyethylene lugs.

Keg Storage

Keg storage made easy. Choose from solid or knock down varieties.

Pizza Equipment

Everything you need for your pizza business, from dough boxes to pizza stands.

Tables & Equipment Stands

Work tables with storage options and a variety of work surfaces.